Denmark 6 nights

Denmark allows holidaymakers to stay in the country for 6 nights or more. Simply look for a holiday home or a hotel for 6 nights or, best of all, 7 nights and enjoy the tranquility of Denmark.

Vacation rentals right on the beach

You haven’t found any free offers? You can also do a search on Often there is still a chance to find hotels, holiday homes or B&B guest houses.

Denmark is a popular tourist destination that attracts more than 12 million visitors every year. The country has a lot to offer its visitors, including a rich culture, lovely people and breathtaking scenery.

Danish hospitality is known all over the world and the Danes are often perceived as very hospitable. There are many places in Denmark to visit on a 6 day Denmark trip to make the most of your short visit. The capital Copenhagen is one of the best places to start your trip because of its many cultural attractions, impressive architecture and vibrant liveliness. If you’re looking for a more relaxed experience, Copenhagen has plenty of cafes to offer. 6 days is the perfect period to visit Copenhagen on a city trip.