Vacation in Blokhus

Blokhus is located in the Jammerbucht region on the Danish North Sea. The town of Blokhus actually only has a few hundred inhabitants, but it is still a popular holiday destination, so that the visitors often exceed the number of inhabitants. In the summer months, many Germans move into Blokus to spend the long-awaited summer vacation in a holiday apartment or even their own holiday home on the coast. But the small town of Blokhus is not only popular with international guests from neighboring countries, because in Blokhus, for example, countless local Danes from Aarhus have their own small holiday home where they can spend their weekend vacation or several weeks at a time. Often the houses are rented out to foreign tourists as vacation rentals if the landlords do not occupy them themselves, because the houses are not empty all the time and of course the house owner also has a nice additional income from the tourists who rent the houses or apartments .

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Since the town of Blokhus is located directly on the Danish North Sea coast, it naturally offers the ideal conditions for a beach holiday with the whole family. The long, dreamy white sandy beaches in Blokhus are particularly suitable for small children. Blokhus beach is one of the best in Europe and has been awarded the Blue Flag for particularly clean water. But visitors to Blokhus not only have the opportunity to swim. With a landscape that ranges from gleaming white sandy beaches to fresh green forests and peat bogs, one thing above all is made possible for holidaymakers, namely a varied holiday. The dunes that surround the sandy beach of Blokhus offer water sports enthusiasts such as sailors, surfers and anglers, of course, ideal conditions to pursue their own hobby on vacation. But cyclists and hikers can also plan interesting excursions and day trips from this unique holiday destination.

In a vacation spot like Blokhus Of course, it is best to spend the best time of the year in a holiday home right on the beach. In addition, you will hardly find any hotels in Blokus, so that you can almost only rent a holiday apartment or a holiday home.This also has the advantage for holidaymakers that only a varied and individual daily routine can be planned, since you can choose your own vacation time can plan. In addition, a holiday in a holiday home is also a little adventure and a piece of freedom that the whole family will surely enjoy. But the location of Blokhus speaks for itself, especially if you are traveling from Germany with your own car, the location is ideal, as you are relatively close to Germany and can therefore reach your holiday destination very quickly. Blokhus is an ideal vacation spot that offers relaxation as well as entertainment for the whole family.

Sights around Blokhus

Tourists who spend their vacation in Blokus should, despite the many possibilities of this vacation spot, make trips to the area around Blokhus.

Blokhus is located in the well-known holiday region of Jammer Bay. Jammer Bay is located between the North Sea and the Limfjord and is very popular with international guests. Incidentally, the Jammer Bay got its name from the many strandings, because the Danish word jammer translates as whine. In addition to the income from tourism, the inhabitants of the bay also live from fishing, so you should definitely visit a local fish restaurant in the evening to indulge your culinary delights.

In contrast to other international holiday areas, there are hardly any hotels in Jammer Bay. The predominant type of accommodation there are holiday homes or self-catering apartments. This is probably due to the fact that many vacationers use a vacation home as an ideal starting point for individual vacation planning or day trips. Holidaymakers who go on hikes or bike tours on site do not want to be tied to meals or the like. Jammerbucht also offers some of the most beautiful European sandy beaches for those who want to spend a relaxing beach holiday.

But if you think that the Jammer Bay is one of the most popular Danish holiday regions, a kind of mass tourism should actually prevail, then you are wrong. Despite the many vacationers in summer, it will never be a problem to find a suitable and quiet spot on the beach. This is a great advantage that is attracting more and more holidaymakers to the Danish North Sea coast.

Apart from the unique and diverse nature of Denmark, it may be of interest for holidaymakers to visit Denmark’s fourth largest city, namely Aalborg. There you can visit the zoo, the beautiful old town and many other sights. Aalborg is located on the Limfjord, which connects to the Baltic Sea. The best way to do this while on holiday in Blokhus is to take a detour to the surrounding area, because it still has a lot to offer.

Cottage in Blokhus

Here we have put together a list of holiday homes in Blokhus on the North Sea. Whether you are looking for a holiday home with you without a pet in 2017 or already for 2018, be it in Saltum, Hune or Flarup and Skagen.