Amber collecting on the North Sea coast

The most sought-after of all beach finds is undoubtedly the amber, which is washed from the sea to the shore after stormy weather. Whenever a storm dies down, the collectors come to the beach – in the hope that this time they will definitely make the big find.

If you really find a piece, and maybe even a million-year-old mosquito or fly is trapped in it, there is no limit to your luck as a collector.

The best chance of finding what you are looking for is in the rolling wood that was washed up, because it is roughly the same size and weight as the amber.

There are various “test methods” to determine whether the bright yellow piece you are holding in your hand is really amber. On the one hand, amber – which is actually not a stone, but a resin – is flammable. A quality to which it owes its name, by the way. On the other hand, amber can become statically charged when rubbed, can be easily scratched with a knife and has a lower density than other rocks. That is why it swims at the top in a saturated salt solution.

Amber is the most popular gemstone of all. Not only is it beautiful, it is also said to have healing, pain relieving and calming effects. In Hen beach A unique piece of jewelery can be made from your own find in the amber grinding shop.