Candles draw in Henne Strand

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If you have rented a holiday home for your vacation in WESTJÜTLAND, then don’t miss out on visiting a candle foundry with your children.

Candles create a relaxed, festive atmosphere and spread a good mood and cosiness everywhere.

Take the relaxed holiday mood home with you in the form of a self-drawn candle. You can let your imagination run wild.

Tip: In Blåbjerg Lysstøberi, in Henneby about 5 km from Nørre Nebel, hand-dipped quality candles with a very long burn time are made according to old Danish tradition.

The whole thing is child’s play and great fun for the whole family! Small children can also join in and draw their own candles. You don’t need any special tools or talent. You should only bring a little creativity and patience. Just pack 1½ hours of time and off you go!

When drawing candles, a wick is repeatedly dipped into hot wax (paraffin) and hung up to cool down in between. This creates a candle, layer by layer. Depending on your creativity, candles can be drawn in different colors and in different sizes. There are employees on site who know their way around and are happy to help.

At the end you pay according to the weight of the candle. Around 8.00 DKK per 100g


Blåbjerg Lysstøberi
Hennebysvej 62
6854 hen
Phone: 0045 75256040