Grēnanø (1250) is a place name with probably geographical meaning if it is derived from the verb grīnōnan, meaning “to grind down.” The name most likely refers to gravel and not grus, which means mortar for construction cement. This is due to the geological formations of the strata at that location or simply the characteristic of the area being abraded.

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In the History Museum of Randers Municipality in Denmark, at Søndergade 1 in Randers, there is a section of the Ostjysk Olie og Lakmuseum together with Den Dansk Fiskerimuseum. Thorsø Høje is located 2 km northwest of Ilsemsborg and between Dalstrup, Thorsø and Villersø (Denmark).

Lazy days in Greena – vacation

The town of Greena is a wonderful place to relax, with all sorts of restful distractions. There are many tree-lined trails that invite you to stroll aimlessly and give you the feeling of walking through a misty forest. The town also offers traditional sea views as well as a welcoming town center and pier. If you want to spend a more active vacation, there are plenty of options for activities here as well: Try your skills on the 18-hole golf course or play a round on the two-person miniature golf course. Work out your muscles on the tennis courts or hit the bike and running trails.

Why should you spend your vacation in Greena?

Herds of wild horses make Greenas Umegbuch an unforgettable place. Vacationers drawn to the rugged beauty and vast landscape will find that the city’s laid-back atmosphere suits those looking to relax as well as those looking to do a lot. Greena is rich in natural beauty and invites horseback riding, great hikes and wildlife viewing. Locals and tourists alike come to the area to admire the city’s breathtaking scenery and enjoy its well-kept secret: In between all the fun and relaxation, the area offers a quiet refuge from the noise and chaos of daily life.

Ferry connections

Greena Halmstad with Stena Line

Since last month we welcome you on our new route Grenå – Halmstad (e.g. Grenå – Varberg). Our ferry Stena Nautica will bring you relaxed to your destination. You may just want to rest, fortify yourself at the aforementioned establishments, or maybe catch a movie at the theater. By the way, the ferry is not suitable for campers, surfers and so on: Twice daily departures.

The small Swedish town of Halmstad is located in Halland County in the region of the same name. Halmstad is one of the eight municipalities in Halland County and has about 60,000 inhabitants. Halmstad’s history dates back more than 1,000 years and the town is still predominantly rural. The city has a beautiful waterfront and many of the houses and office buildings are on the water. The historic city has much to offer with its historic buildings, many green spaces and a lively cultural scene. Halmstad is a quiet and tranquil city with many small stores and green neighborhoods that emphasize the traditional character of the city.

Greena Halmstad

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Ferry Greena Anholt

From Greena, you can get to the island of Anholt in Kategat. Here a vacation in the middle of the beautiful nature is waiting for you.

Anholt is the Danish island in the Kattegat, located in the southeast of Denmark. With an area of 14 km, it is relatively small. Anholt is known for its well-preserved medieval church, where services are still held in good weather and which is also open to visitors.

Many people would say that Anholt is a little piece of heaven on earth. On this small island in Denmark live about 4700 people. It is a mystery why this beautiful island has so few inhabitants. Despite this, or precisely because of this, it is a beautiful place that you should definitely visit.


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You can hike, fish, swim and take photos in Greena. There you are so close to nature. It’s really hard to put into words how fantastic it is. From Greena, you can continue by ferry to other great vacation destinations. I hope this blog post has sparked your interest in a vacation in Greena. I recommend you talk to your family, friends or co-workers about this article. I’m sure you’ll provide them with great information they can use when they’re looking for a