Gudhjem the Mediterranean village on Bornholm

The small town is located on the Baltic coast of the Danish island of Bornholm Gudhjem . It is located around two kilometers west of the 15th degree of longitude, according to which Central European Time is calculated. In Denmark, this period is also known as the “Gudhjem period”. The small town is just the thing for a quiet, cultural and relaxed vacation. Whether in charming hotels or in the great outdoors at the campsite, many preferences are catered for.

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Gudhjem – many attractions

The small port city offers a lot of attractions, with which you will never be bored. Characteristic for Gudhjem are the red roofs and the narrow, tightly entwined streets through the small village. Are you a culture lover? Then you definitely should small local museum at the former railway station from the Gudhjem era. Special sights there are, among other things, the display of traditional clothing, changing natural and art history exhibitions. Local painting, graphics and handicrafts, as well as changing special exhibitions, such as works by local glassblowers. There are some of these train stations on the island. All are built according to one and the same pattern and received an architecture award for it. After the closure, other uses for the stations were found. The port is the cultural center of Bornholm. From there, excursion boats go to the so-called in the season Pea islands . There is also an old fish smokehouse at the same port.
The Bornholm Agricultural Museum can be found in the Meldorfhof. There, the history of agriculture from the 18th century on the island is presented and documented in detail.

Many artists have already made their way to Gudhjem to paint the wonderful village. Sculptors, wood carvers and potters were also there. A place that inspires you and brings you to rest.

Would you like to relax a little and go swimming? Then you will find a small beach south of Gudhjem, near Melsted.
In the direction of Tejn are the monuments in Troldskoven. Osterlars Kirke, a typical round church for Bornholm, is also worth a visit. It dates from the 11th century and was not only used for church services in the Middle Ages, but defense was also of great importance. There are loopholes on the upper floor of the church that testify to this. The conical roof of the church was added later.
The island also offers more than enough advantages for nature lovers. The so-called horse stones (Hestesteine) can be found at the Grämyr pond and on the slope of the Salne Bugt. These places are northwest of the former fishing town. The gem of Grämyr is located in a small forest in Gudhjem. Grämyr is a small, very quiet place, full of aquatic plants. The moor lake is a few steps away from human habitation, but this is the perfect place to really switch off.
In the old mill there is a small grocery store where you can buy various canned fish, bread and milk products, as well as small handicraft gifts.
At the port of Gudhjem you can head for other holiday destinations or simply take a pleasant day trip. For more information, check out the free Denne Uges (This Week) magazine. This is available everywhere and contains all the news from the island in German and Danish, as well as an event calendar.

To get to Gudhjem you can choose your own car, boat or bus.
You can drive across the island from Rønne via Arsballe and Österlars. You can get to Gudhjem via coastal road 158 from Sandvig, Allinge, Svaneke and Nexø.
By bus, please choose the regional buses from Bornholm. With routes 1, 4 and 9 you can also reach the small village of Gudhjem.

You can reach the former fishing town by ship with a small passenger ferry.

That is a special feature of Gudhjem Sol over Gudhjem . The “Sun over Gudhjem” is a sandwich made with kippers, raw egg yolks, chives and radishes.

Do not miss this relaxing and cultural vacation.

The climate in Gudjem

Gudhjem is certainly the warmest place in Denmark. The place is located in a sheltered bay on a slope, on which the sun can shine all day and warms the rocks. Many plants thrive here that one would rather expect to find in the south, such as the Bornholm fig.

Accommodation in Gudhjem

Gudjem is also a great place to go on vacation. There are holiday homes, B2B guest houses and hotels here.
We have listed one or the other holiday home in Gudhjem for you: