Bornholm ferry

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful island of Bornholm in Denmark, you may be wondering how best to get there. One option is to take a ferry from Sassnitz, Germany to Rönne, Denmark. This article contains information about the ferry, including prices and schedules. Take the direct ferry to Bornholm and you can reach the sunny island quickly and easily. A dense ferry network connects Bornholm with the mainland.

To Bornholm by ferry

Did you know that you can reach Bornholm in 3 hours by ferry from Sassnitz from Hamburg and Berlin? The ferry between Rønne-Sassnitz connects you directly to Bornholm all year round in just 3 hours and 20 minutes. If you are driving through Sweden, a high-speed ferry on the Rønne-Ystad route will take you to Bornholm in 80 minutes. If you are already in Denmark, you can also use the Rönne-Köge route. This crossing takes 5 hours and 30 minutes. The city of Köge is only a few kilometers from Copenhagen and is a holiday destination that combines Danish city and island.

To Bornholm from Sassnitz by ferry

Route Sassnitz-Roenne on Bornholm Overview
Here starts the ferry in Sassnitz
Here the ferry from Sassnitz docked and departed in Roenne.

Bornholmslinjen offers a fast and comfortable crossing from Sassnitz to Rønne all year round. Sassnitz is located in the north of the island of Rügen. You can reach the island of Rügen via a car bridge from Stralsund.

If you want to travel from the direction of Berlin, the A20 / B96 is certainly the ideal way to arrive by car. Coming from Hamburg, you can also take the A20 / B96 to Sassnitz.

The clear ferry port makes it easy for you to find the ferry to Bornholm. Not that many ferries leave here.

Since the ferries run in the morning or early afternoon, it sometimes makes sense to arrive the night before. Quite a few people have stopped because during the vacation time you have to expect traffic jams.

When the ferry has docked, the cyclists and drivers leave the ferry first, then you can get on the ferry yourself. You will be guided by experienced employees. Once you have found your parking space on the ferry, you can leave the car. Don’t forget to bring a jacket or sweater and something for the children to play or read.

You shouldn’t take too much time with it. In the main season, the best seats are quickly taken.

There is a restaurant and a shop on the ferry, so that physical well-being is taken care of.

When is the ferry from Sassnitz to Bornholm?

The ferry departs Sassnitz on Rügen in Germany almost daily at 11:50 and is in Roenne on Bornholm (Denmark) at 15:10. You can get to the island of Rügen via a bridge from the mainland.

Ferry to Bornholm with the dog

It is of course not a problem to take the dog with you on the ferry. There is enough space for dogs and masters.

Ferry Bornholm by caravan or camper

No problem. You just have to specify it when booking and book in good time to be sure to get a place.

Book holiday home and ferry together

Some rental companies have packages that already include the ferry crossing.

Bornholm ferry prices

You can see the current prices at Bornholmslinjen. A family of four can expect around 250 euros per crossing. There is a savings and a premium booking. The difference here is the cancellation policy.

The ferry from Sassnitz to Rönne is operated by Bornholmstrafikken and takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

The ferry has space for cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Prices for cars start at €60 for a one-way trip and €120 for a round-trip. Motorcycles start at €30 for a one-way trip and €60 for a round-trip. Bicycles are free of charge.

If you want to visit Bornholm, the ferry from Sassnitz to Rönne is a great option. The ferry is reliable and the prices are reasonable.

The night ferry from Køge to and from Bornholm

Ferry from Koege to Roenne.
Ferry pier in Koege

The night ferry at Køge is actually great. You get into the car at night and arrive early in the morning. There is enough space and sleeping space in the common area so that no cabin is required. When I have the time, I usually choose this option. Since you are avoiding Sweden, you do not need a passport. Bornholm is a bit hilly. So if you’re not into going uphill, buy a bike with some gear to adapt to steep slopes. Still a great place for cycling, a perfect island for a 10 day trip.

Bornholm Ferries FAQ

Which ferries go to Bornholm?

From København (Copenhagen) to Bornholm there are daily fast ferries (Eurolink Scandlines) to Rønne, which take 2 hours and 45 minutes, with or without cabin. There are also night ferries (Scandlines) to Rønne, which take 15 hours.

From Køge to Bornholm there are daily fast catamarans (Bornholmer Færgen) to Nexø, which take 2 hours and 20 minutes, from/to Rønne,

From Sassnitz to Bornholm the ferry goes 2 times a day. Often it is the 40-year-old ferry Hammershus.

From Ystad in Sweden ferries run during the day to Rönne.

How long is the ferry from Rostock to Bornholm?

The ferry from Sassnitz to Bornholm takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes. The ferry leaves from Sassnitz and goes to the port of Rønne on Bornholm. On board there is a restaurant and a souvenir store.

Can I take the motorhome on the ferry?

Yes, this is not a problem. When booking the ferry crossing online, simply specify the vehicle class and size.