Nordskoven Beach Camping

Nordskoven Strand Camping is an exceptional camping destination located in the middle of beautiful nature on the west coast of the Danish Baltic Sea island of Bornholm. With an ADAC rating of 5.0, based on 2 reviews, this campground offers an atmosphere that is both quiet and beautiful. The proximity to the beach, the swimming pool, the permission for dogs and the child-friendly environment make it an ideal choice for families 1.

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The campsite is only about 200 meters from a natural sandy beach and offers a truly idyllic experience. Surrounded by tall deciduous and coniferous trees, the meadow areas provide a natural privacy screen, and the proximity to the forest complements the experience of peace and serenity 1. The beach can be reached by a narrow path that crosses a bike path and offers a relaxing swimming experience 1.

With 126 sites for vacationers, 51 rental accommodations and 21 sites for permanent campers, Nordskoven Strand Camping has something to offer for everyone 1. In addition, the campsite has a restaurant and offers a bread service, so guests do not have to travel far to eat or shop 1.

The complex is located in the quiet outskirts of the port town of Rønne, and the center of the town with many restaurants and shopping is only about 2 km away. The nearest town center, Rønne, is just 1.9 km away, and a public bus stop is only 300 m away, which makes this campsite even more accessible 1.

Nordskoven Strand Camping also offers a midday rest from 12:00 to 14:30 and service at the reception is available in both German and English, making the stay easier for international guests 1.

Further research shows that Nordskoven Strand Camping is one of the campsites with the best beaches on Bornholm and that the surroundings are beautiful, with many opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and biking 2.