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Many Germans are thinking of buying a holiday home in Denmark, for example on the Mön Island to buy. There are many properties for sale, the prices are right, so it is very tempting to buy a vacation home in the near foreign country.

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According to the Danish legal basis for the acquisition of real estate, Germans can in principle acquire real estate as a natural or legal person without the approval of the Ministry of Justice, with the exception of summer houses.

In order to be exempt from approval, it is assumed that the purchaser uses the property all year round for residential purposes or as business premises. In the conveyance documents, it must be assured in writing that it is not a holiday home for recreational purposes.

If the conditions are not met, the acquisition is generally subject to approval. The Ministry of Justice grants approval, but only in rare cases.

The summer house law applies in Denmark

There are special rules for summer houses. They are usually located in a so-called “summer house area” which is one of 3 zones that Denmark is divided into. Most of these are also on the Danish coast. A license from the Ministry of Justice is necessary for the acquisition, as a rule this is not granted to private individuals from abroad who are not resident in Denmark. It should also be noted that the summer house may not be used as a year-round residence or commercially without a permit. Renting out without a permit would therefore not be permitted. A permit from the Ministry of the Environment is required for a period of use of more than 1 year. As a legal person, it is also required.

If real estate is acquired illegally, one is obliged to sell it again. The prosecution can initiate criminal proceedings for submitting a false declaration of abandonment, combined with penalties and fines.

Buying a holiday home – residence permit helps

If you are considering purchasing real estate, the Danish Ministry of the Environment recommends that you first apply for a residence permit at the immigration authorities. You should also hire a Danish lawyer.
Then the benevolence of the authorities is called for, they review each individual case. If no concrete and emotional connection with the country can be proven, it is usually rejected. Relatives or a domestic partner can increase the chances of doing this, so you should definitely include them. Well-founded language skills unfortunately only contribute to sympathy.

One is much lighter Immigration and Naturalization . Registering a permanent place of residence in the country is helpful in order to then buy a holiday home or even use it as a holiday home. However, this harbors the risk of an official review. There could be unannounced inspection visits.

Through inheritance, it is possible to acquire a holiday home in a completely legal way. Ideally, you will even be bequeathed their house to a resident.

If you still want to buy a holiday home in Denmark, we wish you a lot of perseverance and creativity.

Many holidaymakers are so taken with a holiday region that they want to spend their free time there again and again. What could be more obvious than buying your own holiday home? Owning your own vacation home appears extremely attractive. The constant search for a suitable accommodation unfolds, there are also no costs for accommodation. There is also the possibility of generating income with the holiday home by renting it out. Nevertheless, the purchase should be considered carefully.

Building regulations

In many countries the construction of a holiday home is subject to different building regulations than the construction of a residential house. Sometimes attractive looking houses are built, but they are little more than a simple barracks. Such a house is almost uninhabitable after a few years. If you want to buy a holiday property, you have to pay very close attention to how the house is built. Especially if a purchase is planned abroad, the future owner should familiarize himself with the construction methods customary in the country. The question is whether the house was built in such a way that it can last for decades and, above all, when it was built. Under certain circumstances, it is an object that has only been attractively designed with paint, but has actually already reached the end of its useful life. Therefore, a construction specialist who is familiar with the local construction methods should be consulted before buying.

Clarify the legal side

Sometimes legal regulations make planned future use impossible. In some holiday regions, the use of holiday homes is being restricted in favor of permanent residences. It can also happen that a house that is bought as a holiday home may later only be rented to long-term tenants. In some countries there is also a general ban on selling real estate to foreigners. Therefore, you should inquire with the local authorities and your own embassy which regulations apply in the country in which a holiday home is to be bought. With the argument that it is not possible for foreigners to buy a property, locals often offer themselves as straw men. Anyone who gets involved as a buyer is running a high risk. Ultimately, you buy a house from a stranger. With this constellation, it is hardly possible to enforce any claims later.

Do not make any impulse purchases

Buying a holiday home is also an investment that must be carefully considered. In some popular holiday countries, travelers are often offered particularly inexpensive holiday homes, but these must be purchased on the spot. The local sellers know how to put pressure on and claim the dream house is as good as sold. Only those who grab it immediately can still get the bargain. Some of the sellers do not own the real estate or are offering properties in this way that are allegedly in the planning stage. Therefore, the general rule is that a holiday home should only be bought after careful consideration.

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Use of the vacation property

Before deciding to buy, future homeowners should give concrete thought to the use. The question of how the holiday home can be estimated from damage if it is vacant must be clarified. Is there a person or company on site who can take care of the house in the absence of the owner? If a rental is important for financing the house purchase, it must be clarified in advance how the chances of finding suitable tenants are. If you want to rent a holiday home on a regular basis, you should choose an object in a facility with care so that the tenants have a contact person on site. It is also useful to check whether a real estate company or the local tourist office can help with the marketing.

The right way to your own holiday home

As soon as the desire to purchase a holiday home arises, the basic legal situation should first be clarified. Only when it is certain that the acquisition is legally possible does it make sense to look for an object. In addition to searching through advertisements, brokers can also be involved. Especially when buying abroad, the best way to find your own holiday home is through a local broker who specializes in international real estate. Switching on a broker approved in Germany also protects against the aforementioned legal problems when buying a property abroad. As soon as a suitable house has been found, it must be checked. An on-site inspection together with an expert is essential. If the house is only in the planning phase or under construction, the property developer must be carefully examined. International credit agencies can also provide information about construction companies abroad. It is not advisable to buy a property that is not ready for occupancy if nothing is known about the seller or builder. A German broker also offers legal security with regard to problems with local property developers.


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