Entry to Denmark

Entry into Denmark during the pandemic

Denmark carries out risk assessments by country and region, divided into “green”, “yellow”, “orange” and “red” and updated weekly.

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The current entry regulations and the classification of the risk areas are published on the portal of the Danish authorities. It also contains information on the Danish Corona regulations that are particularly relevant for German tourists.

With the exception of Schleswig-Holstein (still classified as “green”), Germany is currently in the “yellow” category. For people who live in countries or regions that are classified as “green” or “yellow”, the following entry requirements currently apply:

Convincing reason to travel to Denmark

Foreigners living in “Green” or “yellow” Change or live regions can enter without having to provide evidence of important reasons. Foreigners residing in other countries, even if they stayed in Germany before entering Denmark, are only allowed to enter Denmark if they can prove important reasons. In this case, entry for tourist purposes is not permitted.

Compulsory test in Denmark

Arrivals in Denmark – by air, land and sea – usually require a COVID-19 negative test upon arrival. The PCR test can be carried out within 72 hours before entering Denmark and the antigen test within 48 hours before entering Denmark. Experience has shown that failure to comply with these requirements can lead to rejection at the border with Denmark. Submitting falsified / falsified test results at the Danish border will be considered fake documents and will be prosecuted and may result in prison terms and a ban on entry into Denmark.

Foreigners living in “yellow” countries are required to take a second free COVID-19 test within 24 hours of entering Denmark. When entering Denmark by plane, this test must be carried out before leaving the airport in Denmark. Test centers for travelers have been set up at airports, border crossings and many other places in the country. Foreigners who live in a “green” country or a “green” region (currently Schleswig-Holstein) do not have to undergo a second inspection after entering Denmark.

Exemptions from compulsory testing in Denmark

There are exceptions to the tests in Denmark for the following groups: Children under 15 have been vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and can present a digital COVID-19 vaccination card from the European Union or in an EU or If you live in a Schengen country, a “yellow” or “orange” OECD country or are classified as “For third countries with“ yellow ”, a different vaccination card can be issued.