Sol over Gudhjem

Sol over Gudhjem
Try the delicious Bornholm fish specialty “Sol over Gudhjem” when you visit Bornholm.

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Sol over Gudhjem – a real Bornholm specialty

They have Bornholm don’t visit if you like the Bornholm specialty Sol over Gudhjem have not tried. Bornholm’s regional dish and smoked bread with smoked herring, egg yolks, radishes and chives are an old celebrity that you should definitely know when you come to Bornholm. The name means “sun over Gudhjem”. Gudhjem is one of the most beautiful places on Bornholm. Located directly on a slope, the sun shines particularly intensely here.

The sun over Gudhjem is smoked herring on rye bread
The national court of Sol over Gudhjem is a delicious fish specialty with freshly smoked herring on rye bread. If you haven’t tasted it yet or are not long to your liking, visit one of Bornholm’s many good restaurants or find the recipe here:

Recipe for “Sol over Gudhjem”

Ingredients for 2 people
2 smoked herring
2 slices of rye bread with a little butter if you want
2 raw egg yolks (from salmonella-free or pasteurized eggs)
6 radishes
2 tablespoons. chives
8 rings of red onions
salt and pepper

Clean the herring for the skin and legs. The easiest way to do this is to open the fish from the belly, loosen the leg, and gently remove it.
Carefully remove the meat from the skin and transfer the fillets to the rye bread.
Clean the radishes and cut into thin slices.
Rinse purple and cut it.
Arrow reddish and cut it into the ring.
Sprinkle the finesse, chives, red onions, and salt and pepper on the herring.
Put the eggs in white and plums and carefully put one yolk on each piece of bread and butter.

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Sol over Gudhjem is served with a good Svaneke beer if necessary. In Germany we recommend Störtbeker beer.

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