Legoland Billund

In 1968, the first LEGO brick was laid at the LEGO factory in Billund, Denmark. Today, LEGO is a global phenomenon with millions of bricks sold each year. But it all started in a small Danish town.

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In the early days, LEGO was sold only in Denmark. But as word of the colorful bricks spread, LEGO began to be exported around the world. The first LEGO sets were designed for children aged 6 to 12, but today there are LEGO sets for all ages, from toddlers to adults.

LEGO bricks are now sold in more than 140 countries and there are LEGO theme parks in six countries, including the original LEGOLAND in Billund. LEGOLAND Billund is the second oldest LEGOLAND park in the world and still one of the most popular.

The park covers 128 hectares and has more than 50 rides and attractions. Visitors can take a ride on the Dragon Coaster, build their own LEGO car on the LEGO Racers track, or explore LEGO City, LEGO Castle and LEGO Pirate Island.

No matter how old you are, LEGOLAND Billund is sure to bring out the kid in you!

That’s how it is at Legoland in Billund

We had so much fun at Legoland in Denmark! There is so much to see! There’s fun activities for all ages that are perfect for families. The staff is superb. There are rides for all ages and all the cool Lego features. The bathrooms are so cool! They’re recreated from Lego, with Lego people on the zebra crossing and even with little Lego fixtures that don’t flush! We spent the day walking around taking photos and just enjoying the day. There is also a little petting zoo that was so cute!

Legoland is an all-inclusive amusement park that is perfect for families with children of all ages. Children can spend hours playing with LEGO kits, building their own creations and exploring the grounds. The staff is helpful, informative and is always available to answer any questions. Legoland is definitely worth a visit, whether you are traveling to Denmark with your family or hosting a family reunion.

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Lego country Denmark opened in 1968. It is the first theme park in Northern Europe and the first Legoland in the world.

Top 10 activities in Legoland

  • Explore the land of adventure
  • Ride the dragon roller coaster
  • Visit the Lego store
  • See the Lego movie
  • Ride the Lego train
  • Do a picknick
  • Visit the Lego Castle
  • Ride the Lego boat
  • Have a meal
  • Build with Lego bricks
The new castle in Legoland Billund Book a room in the hotel
How do I get to Legoland in Billund?

1) By plane
If you enjoy taking the scenic route, then flying your own plane may be the route that interests you most. Billund is home to the only airport in the world built from Lego bricks! The airport is small and only two planes land each day.

2) driving by car
If you are one of those people who are on a tight budget but still don’t want to forego the flexibility of having your own car, then the car may be the best option for you. Billund can be reached via the A7 on the south coast of Jutland.

Where is Legoland in Denmark?

Legoland Park is located in Billund, in the center of Denmark, with Valby nearby. With its park, which takes up almost one percent of the country’s area, Denmark is certainly the land of Legoland with its many attractions for children and the associated fun with Lego.

How big is Legoland in Billund?

The company owns 140 hectares, of which 70 hectares are built on, including around 20 hectares as a park area, 14 hectares as an adventure area for visitors and 8 hectares in the Legoland holiday village. The resort is visited by around 1.7 million guests annually.

What is there in Legoland Billund?

More than 50 exciting attractions give every reason to be happy: In LEGOLAND® there is speed, action and excitement for the whole family.

How far is Legoland Billund from Blavand?

Legoland Billund is 76 kilometers (1 hour 27 minutes) from Blvand. The Lego Park in Denmark offers a lot for the little guests, but also gets their money’s worth for the older ones.

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How expensive is admission to Legoland Billund?

The online ticket costs 379 crowns. The entrance ticket costs 399 crowns on site. A season ticket costs 499 kronor for 2022.

Can you pay with euros at Legoland Billund?

No you can not. You cannot choose whether or not to pay in Danish currency, either on the Legoland website or at the Legoland Billund ticket counters.

Is Legoland also for adults?

Naturally. Even adults can marvel at the LEGO world and remember their own childhood.

Is LEGOland suitable for different ages?

Small children from a height of 80 cm are welcome in the park from one year. In this section you can take a ride on various rides such as the observation tower, the DUPLO Express, the harbor tour, the Canoe X-pedition, Captain Nick’s pirate battle and the LEGOLAND Express.

What does an overnight stay at Legoland Billund cost?

It depends on. A family of four can expect one of the rooms for around 400 euros per night in the high season. There are different room categories that cost different amounts. The hotel has the Treasury Room, the Kingdom Room, an Adventure Room, a Multi Room and a Business Room.
>> Castle Hotel in Legoland

Where can you stay cheap in Billund?

One tip is to rent an Indian tipi at the LEGO Resort, basically a nice campground. It doesn’t cost as much as a hotel at night. You can also put your own tent or camper there. There are barbecues and benches, children’s playground, store and restaurant. It is only a few hundred meters to the entrance of LEGO Land.

Address: Legoland Billund Oldenborggade 9, DK-7190 Billund, Denmark

That’s how it all started in 1968

That’s how it all started in Billund

1974 Mount Rushmore
1968 Trafikskolen driving school
Lego Billund 1968 Miniland

Impressions from Billund

Of course, physical well-being is taken care of everywhere. Also with healthy meals.

Eating in Legoland Billund

There are cool movies to be seen in the Legoland Studios.

Legoland Studios with cool 4D films

Planning a family vacation can be difficult enough, but throw in an imaginative kid and you have a recipe for potential stress. One company that caters to the creative crowd is Legoland Windsor Resort, which has become one of England’s most visited attractions since its inception in 1996. Nestled in the broker belt near London, this family-friendly hotel offers an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of city life. However, since hotels are only minutes from the park, there are other options to consider when planning a trip to Legoland with young children.

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The Legoland Hotel & Resort

From the indoor pool, kids’ club and child-friendly menu to the themed activity rooms, this hotel is the perfect base for families planning the perfect adventure. It even has its own Thomas The Tank Engine style train station that takes you right into the heart of the park.

Benefits for your child

The benefits of a trip to Legoland don’t end with the girls and boys in the family. In fact, 2015 Loughborough University studies showed that a trip to a stimulating environment like Legoland can have a positive effect on the stress levels of parental units! Legoland Hotel & Resort
The Legoland Hotel & Das Resort is the perfect place for families looking for accommodation at the Legoland Resort.

Cost of a Legoland break

A trip to Legoland is a cost-saving destination for a family vacation, but depending on the time, it can set you back a little. Studies have shown that a trip to Legoland can have a positive effect on your stress level when you have a stressful job. If you are looking for accommodation, the Legoland Hotel & Resort is an affordable option for families looking for resort accommodation. The Legoland Resort is perfect for those looking for the best value for their Legoland vacation, as it offers all the amenities of a hotel and much more. It’s also perfect for users on a budget. However, a trip to Legoland is not in vain. Trips to the resort can be expensive at certain times.

How to get Legoland discount tickets

To save some money, here are a few tips on how to get Legoland discount tickets

Times to buy In general, the best time to buy Legoland discount tickets is in the off-season. Usually this is in spring and autumn. This is likely because there are fewer people in the area during that period anyway, which means fewer people are buying tickets.

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