Weather on Bornholm

Bornholm weather September

The weather in Bornholm in September is usually very mild due to the location in the Baltic Sea. The surrounding Baltic Sea has heated up over the summer and releases the heat to the island of Bornholm in September. In the north of Bornholm, for example in Gudhjem or Vang, the rocks were able to store a great deal of heat, which is now released into the environment for months. So the nights are never cold and you can enjoy a glass of wine in front of the holiday home in the evening in an almost Mediterranean climate.

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Bornholm weather forecast for summer 2020

We expect very nice weather again for summer 2020. The sun will probably shine once a day again. Overall, it will probably be quite mild again, without the extreme temperature peaks with maximum values that we know from Germany. The water temperature of the Baltic Sea is expected to level off at 19 ° C, in Balka and Dueodde it can heat up to over 20 ° due to the shallow water. On the warmest, it will be around 12:00 p.m. on the beach. We can only provide an exact overview of the day for the summer 7 days in advance.

The Bornholm weather in recent years – a review

The weather on Bornholm in 2011 and 2012 was quite unnatural, especially in summer. It rained a lot. For example, in July 2012 it rained 21 days. But that doesn’t mean that it was rainy all day, but that it rained at some point during the day. The special thing about Bornholm is that the sun shines almost every day.
The summer of 2013 shows a completely different side. July was almost always warm and sunny in summer, often cloudless or only slightly overcast.
The summers of the following years were relatively normal, but in 2017 it was relatively cool with many gusts. Ideal for flying kites.
It is a record-breaking one Summer 2018 . For months it was hot and dry with little wind by Bornholm standards. Barbecuing and smoking in the forest were banned for a few weeks. July needed a little rain. But that was the famous drop in the bucket.
The water in the Baltic Sea was also very warm. A strong growth of algae is associated with it. That was typical for all of Europe. The UV index was of course high on Bornholm.

Bornholm’s climate is optimal

Bornholm has the optimal climate / weather for people who have problems with temperature fluctuations and weather changes. Since Bornholm is in the middle of the Baltic Sea, the sea buffers the temperatures very well. So it never gets stifling hot in summer and never bitterly cold in winter. So it is a very mild, constant climate in which people and vegetation can live particularly well. For a long time we thought these statements were pure marketing. However, we can fully confirm this by analyzing the weather data and our own experience.

Bornholm - pleasant climate in summer.
Borholm also shows itself in very hot summers, as in 2018 still with relatively pleasant temperatures, while Germany groans under the heat.

Bornholm is one of the warmest places in Denmark, especially in summer. Because of this, the island is extremely popular with tourists for a vacation.
In the winter months the temperature in Bornholm is always around freezing point, rarely lower. This is a typical temperate climate in Northern Europe. The coldest month is February, with average negative temperatures. The average temperature then rises in the months of April and May before it peaks in the months of June, July and August. Here the average temperature is around 16 ° Celsius, but on some days it is even up to 20 ° Celsius. But even in September there is still a pleasant climate with an average of 13 ° Celsius before it cools down again in the following months. But even the mild 9.5 ° Celsius in October or the 5 ° Celsius in November are still pleasant due to the many hours of sunshine.

The precipitation on Bornholm

Throughout the year, there is around 600 millimeters of precipitation in Bornholm. The greatest precipitation is reached in November with 76 millimeters and in general it can be said that the precipitation is strongest in the months from September to January. Although there is still precipitation in the summer months, it is relatively low and is therefore easy to bear. The rainy days in June, for example, averaged just 6 over the last few years, which shows that you don’t have to reckon with bad weather here. In the remaining months there are never more than 12 rainy days, with most rainy days in November and December. Compared to a German city like Hamburg, the precipitation is extremely low, as there is, for example, about 770 millimeters of precipitation per year and about 130 days per year are referred to as rainy days. In comparison, there are just 106 in Bornholm.

Hours of sunshine on Bornholm

Bornholm is one of the sunniest places in Europe, because on some days the sun can shine here for up to 8 hours. Especially in the months of May, June, July and August, the number of hours of sunshine is above average and you can enjoy the sun here on average one hour longer than is the case in Germany. Due to the proximity to the poles, it is dark for a long time in winter, here it can happen that there is only 1 hour of sunshine a day. But this fact can also have its advantages, because beautiful sunsets can often be seen early on.

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Webcams on Bornholm

Just take a look at the weather on Bornholm. We have included some webcams for you here. Weather Bornholm today:

Webcam with a view of the port of Roenne

Webcam Hafen Roenne

Webcam with a view of Gudhjem

Live Webcam mit Blick auf Gudjhem

Webcam with a view of the port of Tejn

Webcam Bornholm Tejn