The most beautiful beaches on Bornholm

Bornholm certainly has hundreds of beaches. It is impossible to get to know everyone in one vacation. From extremely wide, fine sandy, almost Caribbean beaches to rocky coastal beaches that are reminiscent of Mallorca, everything is there.

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Sandkas Beach

For us one of the most beautiful booths. It is reminiscent of Mallorca. There is a non-swimmer area. Beautiful rocks in the water invite you to dive. There is an option to go into the water over a bridge.

Sandkas on Bornholm
Sandkas beach


Balka beach in the south of Bornholm is very child-friendly and quite shallow. It’s also good for beginners. The beach is well attended in summer. This approximately 1 km long sandy beach borders the fishing village of Snogebaek and is absolutely stone-free. Since the water depth drops only slowly and the beach is protected in a bay, it is also particularly suitable for children. Both in Snogebaek and in the village of Balka there are several parking spaces from which it is only a few meters walk to the beach. After days with onshore wind there are often many harmless jellyfish in the water. Balka Strand is Bornholm’s most popular bathing beach and is therefore heavily frequented by bathers, especially in the high season.
Photo gallery Balka Strand
Balka Strand


The Onsbaeck beach is a little hidden, but is very idyllic right next to the forest.

Onsbaeck Beach
Bornholm Onsbaeck beach

Hasle beach

The beach at Hasle, not far from the hostel and campsite, is a little wild, but very romantic.

Hasle beach
Beach near Hasle – sand and stones


Dueodde beach in the south is certainly Bornholm’s most famous beach. The finest sugar sand and shallow water make the beach ideal for children and families. Dueodde beach is Bornholm’s best beach and was voted Denmark’s best beach in 2006. Especially at the southern tip, the beach is very wide and absolutely stone-free. Since the water depth can change quickly on the shore, this beach is less suitable for children and non-swimmers. The beach section between the first parking lot (mini market) and the main parking lot in Dueodde is particularly beautiful and wide, but the beach from about the height of Dueodde Ferieby to the first parking lot is very beautiful and only frequented by a few tourists, especially in the off-season from September . Jellyfish are rare and in small numbers in the entire beach area of Dueodde.

Dueodde Beach
Dueodde beach on Bornholm


Jomfrugård beach is not far from Dueodde in the direction of Slusegaard Mill. The beach is designated as a nudist beach. There’s not much going on here and you can actually swim naked or sunbathe here without any problems. Many do it. The beach became famous through the film Minute’s Silence. The other day we had a wonderful day at Jomfrugård beach on the island of Bornholm. The 3 km long sandy beach on the west coast of the island with its crystal clear water and sunny skies was perfect for a day of swimming and relaxing.


Boderne beach, located in the south-western part of Bornholm, roughly halfway between Dueodde and Arnager, is particularly beautiful and picturesque and from the middle area in the water is absolutely stone-free. The grassy hills on the beach act as natural wind protection, especially when there is strong wind from the northeast to northwest. As everywhere on Bornholm, the water is very clean and clear. After days with onshore wind, more jellyfish can be expected. In the off – season the eastern part of the beach is sometimes closed for military exercises. There is a large parking lot directly at the beach entrance.